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InoCure is a technology company focused on the development of electrospinning devices and electrospun materials. InoCure currently markets InoSPIN (lab-to-pilot electrospinning unit), InoMEM (nanofibrous membranes for filtration applications), and InoMATRIX (nanostructured materials for 3D cell culture and life science). InoCure’s technology is built on a patented electrospinning electrode that allows the production of nanofibers at high-throughput needed for industrial applications. During the METAMORPH project, InoCure will develop their technology for high-throughput manufacturing of hybrid nanomaterials for energy applications.

SINTEF is an independent research center focused on cutting-edge nanotechnological research and application transfer to practice. The skills and experience in the field of artificial technology are delivering necessary know-how and limit risks on this novel concept of membranes.

UCT is the largest chemical university in the Czech republic and has experience with the commercialization of numerous products for the chemical industry. Prof. Miroslav Soos and his team developed a novel carbon capture material family which will be further developed and utilized within the METAMORPH project.

UJEP is a university focused on material research. The group of Prof. Capkova is working on advanced filtration systems and CO2 capture using zeolites. METAMORPH will further extend the applicability of developed solutions and bring them to practice.